Louise Wallace: It's time for 'Opening Night'

Weekend Life 03/06/2018
Photo: Louise Wallace.

Louise Wallace is a former television reporter in New Zealand and Australia, and was the longtime host of 60 Minutes.

Ms Wallace joins Roman Travers, filling in for Trudi Nelson, on Weekend Life. 

She has tried her hand at acting, established a theatre company, and has been a reality television field director.

Former host of The Weakest Link, her acting efforts have included roles on Street Legal, Legend of the Seeker, Shortland Street and Agent Anna.

Wallace was a contestant on Celebrity Treasure Island and directed the New Zealand edition of The Apprentice. More recently she co-starred in the Bravo reality series Real Housewives of Auckland.

Photo: File.

Now, she's got her own TV chat show on SKY.

Ms Wallace's new show, Opening Night looks at the behind the scenes world of theatre.

It shows the true production process, and gives viewers a chance to take a step behind the curtain. 

Ms Wallace discusses the reality of working in performing arts, and how themes such as financial stability are explored within the new show. 

All my life I’ve had a knot in my stomach wondering when the next jobs going to be, and I still do

She believes that although the show may not be the best fit for everyone, performing arts lovers will be in for a treat. 

If you want to catch Louise Wallace’s new show, tune in to SKY Channel 83 or FaceTV at 8pm on Tuesday.

Listen to the full interview with Louise Wallace above.

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