Research shows affect of gut health on entire system

Weekend Life 02/06/2018

In the Science Museum in London, about 200 people turned up to watch the 14 hour journey of a pill camera all the way through the system of Dr Michael Mosely.

Dr Michael Mosely, scientist and author of The Clever Guts Diet, joined Carly Flynn to talk about new research that shows just how important good gut health can be.

Dr Mosely says that there is so much that we don’t know about the gut, but there is a clear connection between the brain the gut.

“There is a two way journey going on.”

Dr Mosely compared the gut to a rainforest as it has thousands of different species of bacteria and microbes living together.

Until very recently we knew absolutely nothing of what was going on in the gut, but scientists have since discovered this whole world of creatures living inside us which have an impact on our health.

I think it’s one of the most remarkable and exciting and extraordinary things in medicine.

One of the things that have become clear over the last number of decades in the huge rise of allergies, asthma, eczema, and food intolerances, which Dr Mosely says is directly related to gut health.

“It turns out that these tiny microbes…are directly influencing things like your brain, like your weight, like your immune system.”

What you want is a rich diversity of creatures in your gut but things like emulsifiers in our food and things in our environment have contributed to some of them getting killed off, which means out immune systems struggle to differ between the good and the bad in the gut.

There is a lot of research that looks at how to repair the gut; Dr Mosely’s method involves a 3 step process.

“Remove it, repair, and then reintroduction.”

Removing certain foods, seeing how everything calms down and giving your gut time to repair, and then slowly reintroducing them back into your diet.

Until recently Dr Mosely was sceptical about how much affect the gut can have on their entire body, especially in the case of food intolerances, but he says the data is very strong.

“Doctors tend to be sceptical about things they cannot measure.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Michael Mosely above.

Dr Michael Mosely is coming to New Zealand on June 11th for 'An Evening with Dr Michael Mosley', and is the International Bestselling author of The Fast Diet and The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet, and now his new books “The Clever Guts Diet” and “The Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book”.

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