Weekend Life: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Life 12/05/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn for Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Kiwisaver providers to disclose fees

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We all, hopefully, have a Kiwisaver account, and most of us are fairly guilty of setting it and forgetting about it. Did you know that fomo this month your kiwisaver provider has to disclose it’s fees for the first time ever. The Financial Markets Authorities' Simone Robbers wants us all to check our statements and check in that we’re happy with what we’re being charged.

Everyday ingredients can be healthy and taste delicious

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Luke Hines is Australasia's clean living expert who started his rise to the top as a finalist on Australia's My Kitchen Rules. He is qualified as a nutritional therapist and personal trainer, he's written eight top selling books and he’s here giving demos at this weekend’s Wellington Food Show.

New Zealand's natural and cultural environment still attracting tourists

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Interest in coming to NZ is still really high and there is an especially big interest in our culture and environment. Dunedin put on a show with the Trends Expo which Dan Lake from Newshub Travel was there to experience firsthand.

Two of Dan’s top picks for visitors in New Zealand were Larnach Castle in Dunedin and the Canopy Experience in Rotorua.

How detoxing helps to clean your body

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Often the word ‘detox’ can put a fear into people that they’re going to be missing out, but Brett Elliott likes to look at it as giving your body a holiday. He’s just released a new booked called Cleaned and Cured - How Detoxing Works to Heal Your Body and joined Carly to talk about how taking a detox can change your life.

When antidepressants aren’t working 100%, turn to B vitamins

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Studies show that people that are suffering from depression often have low levels of B vitamins, and even if they’re taking antidepressants they might not be as effective as they would be if they had higher B vitamin levels.

Dr Kathleen Schubert joins Carly Flynn to talk about whether all B vitamins are created equal.

Best of the best celebrated at Fashion and Hair Awards

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Last night saw hundreds of attendees come together to celebrate the best of the best and watch them take part in the industry’s most prestigious event – The Fashion Hair Awards, inspired by the fusion of fashion and hair down at The Collective, including Andrew Cobeldick.

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