How to drink mindfully according to a hypnotherapist

Weekend Life 19/05/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

If studies have highlighted anything about Kiwi drinking culture, having a wine or beer (or several) at the end of the day is relatively common across New Zealand.

An alcohol reduction expert wants to change what she calls the “emotional habit” of drinking.

It’s the thinking before the drinking that’s the problem.

Georgia Foster, alcohol reduction expert and hypnotherapist, tells Carly Flynn that it’s not the actual alcohol that’s typically the problem. But rather, the feelings that are associated with drinking booze.

“It’s the thinking before the drinking that’s the problem,” she tells RadioLIVE.

Whether someone drinks after a long day or pours a wine when they are upset, Ms Foster says such emotional habits can be difficult to combat.  

Drinking to cope with an emotion or stress can lead the brain to recognise alcohol as the solution for future anxiety. Ms Foster explains that the brain will search for past experiences of coping with stress, which then reinforces alcohol to be used for whatever that day’s stress is.

“It’s a true chemical reaction to actually that anxiety that person has experienced.”

This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Ms Foster’s practice aims to dissolve the brain’s relationship with alcohol in order to relieve the patient of emotional support on booze.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way to change that emotional connection to create a new one.”

But the hypnotherapist stresses that not all drinking is bad.

“I’m not worried about the drinking. It is the thinking beforehand that causes problems.”

Listen to the full interview with Georgia Foster above.

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