Communicating with someone with dementia

Weekend Life 12/05/2018
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Dementia affects over 60,000 New Zealanders - a number likely to triple by 2050.

Angela Caughey joined Carly Flynn on Weekend Life to talk about ways to communicate with someone who has dementia.

Ms Caughey is the author of the new book How to Communicate with Someone Who Has Dementia which tackles the issue head on

She had to look after her late husband, who had Lewy Body Dementia, for 14 years.

There are about 60 symptoms that come with dementia but each person has a different selection.

Lewy Body Dementia caused Ms Caughey’s husband to have hallucinations and fall over a lot, but “he was still there inside”.

Ms Caughey says that when talking to someone with dementia it’s important not to always ask them questions.

“You just make statements about what you’ve been doing and you leave long pauses so they can think and come back to you if they want to.”

“If you do have to ask them something, make it simple with a yes and no answer.”

Listen to the full interview with Angela Caughey above.

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