Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 15/04/2018

Same show, different name. In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Trudi Nelson for Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Nicotine juices and devices cannot be legally sold in New Zealand

Image: Reuters.

Back in 2015, British Public Health experts advised vaping would pose only a fraction of the health risk of tobacco smoking. Since then, the trend has surged massively in popularity around the world, including New Zealand.

Its currently legal to import juices containing nicotine, but just sufficient for personal use but nicotine juices and devices cannot be legally sold in New Zealand.

Rob Graveur from Grand Vape Company joined Trudi Nelson on Weekend Life.

Singer-songwriter announces himself to the world

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Tom Cunliffe is a Kiwi singer-songwriter and has just started touring with his new album 'Template for Love'. Trudi caught up with Tom and talked about his song 'Burning Blood'.

Foster & Allen in concert throughout New Zealand

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Foster and Allen are a musical duo from Ireland consisting of Mick Foster and Tony Allen. In their 40-year career, they have released over 30 albums and now they're in New Zealand touring the country.

Tony Allen joined Trudi Nelson to talk about how his career started and what he's most excited for on this tour.

Biography details the life of the 'queen of crime'

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Author Joanne Drayton joined Trudi to talk about her book 'Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime', a revealing biography of one of the celebrated 1930s and 1940 'queens of crime', Ngaio Marsh.

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