Keeping it real in the modern age

Weekend Life 28/04/2018
Image: Makaia Carr.

Makaia Carr left school at 16 with no formal qualifications and was pregnant with her first child a year later.

She’s since gone on to become a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and popular social influencer.

Makaia Carr joined Carly Flynn on Weekend Life to share the experiences in her life thatn culminated into her brand new book Keeping it Real.

In the book, Makaia openly shares her struggle and the strategies that help her to maintain a positive body image and outlook.

“It’s about me, and it’s about a journey that I’ve taken that I think a lot of people can relate to.

“About finding their real selves on the inside and being okay with who that person is in this world today.”

Her story is all about reminding yourself that physical and emotional well-being starts with self-acceptance.

Makaia described it as half-autobiography, and half-practical with a focus on 5 main topics:

  • Self love
  • Mental well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Social media
  • Business

Makaia says that when she’s stressed or overwhelmed that’s when things start to go wrong, so she gives priority to her mental health.

“When I want to focus on my mental health I really try and focus on ‘how do I achieve calm in my life?’”

She says that recognising your triggers and making time for yourself is key to keeping everything in balance.

Listen to the full interview with Makaia Carr above.

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