Greens stand up for what ordinary people want – Marama Davidson

Weekend Life 18/04/2018
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South Auckland-based MP Marama Davidson will join James Shaw as co-leader of the Green Party.

Ms Davidson, 44, told Weekend Life host Trudi Nelson that she's "proud of the job she's got to do."

Ms Davidson has been an MP since 2015, and is from the social justice wing of the party - considered by some to be the heir to former leader Metiria Turei.

“Protecting our political independent voice is going to be really important for me,” Ms Davidson said.

Her number one goal will be to ensure the Greens don't lose support while in Government, as has happened to smaller coalition members in the past.

She said the Green Party is really just about “standing up for what ordinary people want”.

Having rural connections meant she grew up concerned about her water and her rivers, the soil, growing her gardens, and the environment. 

“The Greens had a particular approach to understanding the link between the wellbeing of our rivers and the wellbeing of our people being completely connected.”

...We are the most progressive party in Parliament.

The new Greens co-leader defeated Julie Anne Genter, 38, who has ministerial roles in the present Government.

Mr Shaw has been leading the party alone since Ms Turei's resignation ahead of last year's election.

When asked how she differs from her co-leader, Ms Davidson said it's their combined strengths that will make their party effective.

Ms Davidson has her work cut out for her, with top priorities to fight for an economic model to allow living with dignity, raising incomes that can pay the rent, and protecting New Zealand’s forests and rivers.

“Those are the values that the Greens have held from the very start.”

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