Exhibition to showcase 150 human specimens

Weekend Life 21/04/2018
Image: Body Worlds Vital.

Body Worlds Vital, the world’s most successful anatomical exhibition of real human bodies, is now in New Zealand.

Brent Spillane, XPO Events' Managing Director, joined Carly Flynn on Weekend Life to talk about the exhibition which shows real human bodies preserved into lifelike poses, as well as dissected portions to show various elements of the human anatomy.

Similar exhibitions have toured internationally and people have come out of the show with life changing experiences.

“Some people are confronted by it.”

The technique of plastination used to preserve the biological tissue in the exhibit was originally founded by Dr Gunther von Hagen in 1977.

The primary goal of the exhibition creators, Dr. Angelina Whalley and Dr. Gunther von Hagens, is the benefit of medical science and education. It is designed to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and to show the effects of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, something we as Kiwis can be guilty of.

Globally the exhibition has had over 45 million visitors, so there are expectations to have an overwhelming response here in New Zealand.

Over 50 schools across New Zealand have signed up to see the exhibit and are including it as part of their curriculum.

The donors used in the exhibit stem from the Institute of Plastination’s formal programme, which is ethically tested.

“All of the donors are freely willed for the purpose of exhibition here.”

There is over 17,000 donors in the programme, of which 2,000 are deceased and plastinated. The programme is formally shut now.

Listen to the full interview with Brent Spillane above.

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