There's no shortage of Snapper for Bucko Lane

The Fishing Show 02/02/2018

There's no shortage of Snapper for Bucko Lane, one of the most experienced skippers in Bay of Plenty. While the rest of us are struggling, Bucko's charters have been reeling them in.

He joins Pete and Mal on The Fishing Show to discuss just how interesting the fishing is in the Bay.

According to Mr Lane, using burley is the key. If you're fishing in the inner Bay of Islands, burley will increase your chances of a catch tenfold.

He also discusses how to avoid getting sharked by using heavy lines and heavy hooks.

Finally, Bucko reveals he's out to catch a record-breaking Kingfish, and he wants to do it with his spear. The current record is 50kgs (so good luck to you mate!)

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Listen to the full interview above.

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