Crazy weather shouldn't affect your fishing

The Fishing Show 02/02/2018

With all the crazy summer weather we're seeing lately, The Fishing Show guys thought they better get talk to an expert and figure out what the water conditions would be like this weekend.

Ben Noll from NIWA Weather joined Pete and Mal to discuss how these storms will affect your fishing.

The highest sea surface temperature is a whopping 7 degrees above average and according to Mr Noll, this could have significant damage to our marine life.

At the very least, the unusually warm weather has brought typically tropical fish to New Zealand shores, with people reporting an increase in the number of Marlins being caught.

Mr Noll says we're likely to see 1-2 more weeks of active weather, but nothing as big as this tropical cyclone, which had its effects enlarged by the king tide & super blue blood moon.

But of course, all we're really worried about is if we can go fishing this weekend?

Mr Noll says the forecast in most of the South Island should hold together but if you're out on the water in west Auckland, keep an eye on the forecast.

Get your local weather forecast from NIWA Weather here.

Listen to the full interview above.

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