Abuse survivor shares what’s needed from state abuse inquiry


This story contains details of sexual abuse that may upset some people.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Minister for Children Tracey Martin will announce details to a Government inquiry into the historical abuse of children in state care.

Daryl Brougham, a social worker and former foster child, joined The AM Show to discuss his own journey through the state foster system.

Mr Brougham spent 18 years in foster care and various institutions, and three years in the US where he has described physical and sexual abuse. He describes his childhood in the state system in his book Through the Eyes of a Foster Child.

"I went to America and was locked in a room for three years, came back to New Zealand and was pretty much skin and bone. Then I went from home to home to home."

After returning to New Zealand, he continued to be moved from one home to another – totalling around 30 homes throughout the country.

"I was just really hoping that the next home I went to would be better than the last one," he told The AM Show. 

In 2015, Mr Brougham received an apology from the Government for how his childhood was affected by state care’s decisions.

Mr Brougham shares what the Government needs to address in the state abuse inquiry, which will be announced on Thursday. 

He wants churches to be included in the inquiry, which is due to be announced on Thursday morning as the last step of the Government's 100 day plan.

The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson was brought to tears from the story.

"I know what's in here and I don't want to read it. As a parent, it'd be too confronting for me to read what's gone on here. But I have to don't I?" Richardson said.

Watch the full video to hear Daryl Brougham’s story. 

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