Kiwis should treat older people with more respect – Mark Richardson

The AM Show 01/05/2018

Mark Richardson has called out New Zealand culture for not respecting older people enough.

The AM Show co-host’s comment came after a recent survey showed people over 65 feel undervalued in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, a recent poll from The AM Show showed that the majority of people would rather hire a 65-year-old over a 20-year-old.

Richardson agreed that older people are more employable because they carry invaluable experience.

"There's no substitute for it," he said.

He went on to use himself as an example, in his words "the old, wise one" of the group.

"I do think that I'm getting wiser," observed Richardson.

Amanda Gillies laughed. 

Richardson further explained that his views in the last five years have changed for the better.

Duncan Garner then went on to share his disappointment in himself with the treatment of older people.

"Mum came round last night and she wanted to have a chat. I've felt terrible all morning... I was on the phone trying to figure out this new phone thing and I was a bit grumpy to her."

Garner said he was dismissive and his mum left the room.

He took the chance to apologise to his mother and vowed to spend time with her this evening. 

Gillies loaded on the guilt, "Yeah make it up to her. Look how incredible she is to you at the moment. She's been invaluable"

Richardson piped up again, "in comparison to other cultures around the world, on average I believe that our...general culture…we don't respect our elders enough."

"Ok wise one," said Garner. 

Watch the full interview with Phil Goff above.

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