Christchurch man on hunger strike to resolve insurance claim

The AM Show 17/04/2018

A Christchurch man has gone on hunger strike to pressure his earthquake insurance claim to get resolved.

Peter Glasson's home suffered significant damage in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, but has yet to receive his claim from insurance company Southern Response.

"We have four engineering reports, one of which was paid for by Southern Response [which says] we have significant damage to our foundation," he told The AM Show.

"They then went and got another engineer who says we don't."

Mr Glasson says vowing off food, which he began on Tuesday morning, is his last resort.

"We've tried to speak to Southern Response. They're refusing to meet with us and refusing to discuss our claim and so it's just a very problematic position that we've got ourselves into.

"There must be another process that is a more practical process for resolving these claims than simply just delaying them like Southern Response does."

Insurance Claims Specialist Dean Lester says Mr Glasson's case is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr Lester told The AM Show one report revealed a third of repairs had been done incorrectly or illegally.

"That gives you an idea of the scope of the damage that does exist in Christchurch.

"Up to 15,000 are still affected and that's families, that's homes, that's people that have invested in their most significant asset.

"Thousands of others that remain in Christchurch and broken homes have been asked in a variety of forms to put their lives on hold. That's the context that New Zealand needs to consider."

Newshub has contacted Southern Response.

Watch the full interview with Peter Glasson above. 

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