Auckland Council to ‘redress the balance’ of parks in poor areas

The AM Show 18/04/2018

The disparity between parks in rich areas and those in less well-off areas is under scrutiny by Auckland Council.

Auckland Councillor Penny Hulse told The AM Show that there is "quite a difference as you go around the region".

"You visit the different parks and some are great, some not so great," she said.

"We're only a few years into our amalgamation, and we've still got the hangovers from the old councils."

Previously, Newshub reported residents complaining about the declining state of their parks.

Casey Trent moved to Weymouth from the high-income suburb of Ponsonby in 2017 - and noticed a huge difference in the state of her local park.

"Initially I felt sad for everyone out here. It's like a stereotype - oh you live in south Auckland, you're not worth what people in Herne Bay are worth," she says.

Areas that have good parks will get less money.

"Is there not a budget for the whole of Auckland and not just per suburb?"

Ms Hulse says the Council is now "redressing that balance", although this means that less money will be spent on areas where the parks are good.

"Over the next 10 years we've got about $25 million in the budget to deal to that balance," she says.

"The focus is going to be on those areas where it's getting more urbanised, there's more growth, plus looking at the demographics.

"Some people can get in cars and go to good parks, we want to make sure that areas where life's a bit more challenging and we've got a lot of kids, that people can walk to really good quality parks."

Watch the full interview with Penny Hulse above. 

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