Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac

Breakfast 25/04/2018
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Author David Hastings joins Tony Murrell this Anzac morning to discuss his book 'Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac.'

Hastings, who previously worked for newspapers, discusses with Tony how he came upon this story and why he wanted to tell it.

The book unfolds the incredible and moving story of an unknown soldier in 1982, many of the public were hoping that he was their lost family member.

Finally being identified from Taranaki, New Zealand the unknown Anzac had become a well-known story throughout Australia and New Zealand; and the public we happy his family found him.


"The story of what happened to George McQuay, of what he suffered and how he survived, speaks of the sorrowful effects of war with unique power." - Google Books

'Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac' by David Hastings is available now.

Listen to the full interview with David Hastings above.

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