Victim of alleged Labour camp sexual assault has contacted police

The AM Show 14/03/2018

One of the victims of Labour's alleged summer camp sexual assaults has now gone to police, revealed on The AM Show on Wednesday.

Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton told The AM Show he was informed that one of the families has contacted the police.

"If these individuals still want to and have done so, want to take it to the police, then they have our full support," he told said.

"I'm aware that one of the individuals has started taking that course of action."

Four 16-year-olds were allegedly harassed or assaulted by a 20-year-old man at Young Labour's summer camp in Waihi last month, according to Newsroom.

The man allegedly put his hand down the pants of three of the four victims.

Labour did not inform the police, the Prime Minister or the victims' parents about the incidents. Mr Kirton says it was left to the victims to make the decision whether police would be involved.

"We should have made it clearer to those victims of last month's incident that we could facilitate going to the police on their behalf," he told The AM Show.

"I don't think we were quite clear enough."

He admits Labour handled the situation poorly, and police are involved now.

Mr Kirton is denying the man is the son of a Labour Party Minister.

Watch the full interview with Andrew Kirton above. 

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