The reality of home grown food for a first-time gardener

The AM Show 01/03/2018

It’s widely known that home-grown vegetables are both nutritious and affordable. But first-timer gardeners often bite off more than they can chew.

Home & Garden host Tony Murrell joined The AM Show to discuss the realities of plunging into the world of home-grown produce.  

Tony sees the same problem time and time again. First-time gardeners start with a burst of energy, but shortly plateau their efforts just 2-3 weeks later.

“…Like most things it’s really hard to change a habit in your life,” he told The AM Show.

Two or three weeks down the track, it all turns to custard.

Tony explains that a garden takes hard work, so one paltry plant of mint or parsley “is not going to cut it.”

His best advice? Ditch the books and simply talk to other gardeners to equip yourself with the skills for long-term success

Watch the full interview with Tony Murrell above. 

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