Families to get full disclosure through Pike River re-entry process – Rob Fyfe

The AM Show 21/03/2018

Pike River's re-entry advisor is optimistic the remains of the 29 men can be recovered, eight years on from the tragedy.

“I think there’s a lot of people that feel it wasn’t dealt with appropriately at the time, and hopefully we can do a better job of that now,” said the former Air New Zealand and Icebreaker chief executive.

Pike River Re-Entry Minister Andrew Little said he created Mr Fyfe’s role as another safeguard for the families and the public.

After speaking to some families himself, Mr Fyfe notes that many of them feel that they’ve been lied to.

“If that’s their perception, then we have to resolve that perception,” he told The AM Show.

"It's really critical that they're a part of every step of the process, full disclosure, and we address the lack of transparency and honestly that's been there in the past."

He said his involvement in the aftermath of Erebus and later with the Perpignan crash helped show him what happens when something isn’t resolved onset.

“To me, the most important part of this is that it’s a collaborative process with the families,” Mr Fyfe said.

Mr Fyfe played a significant role during the 2010 Pike River disaster by providing a team of Air New Zealand's crisis management experts to support the families of the 29 men in the mine.

Entry into Pike River is expected by March 2019, after the Government announced plans to set up a Pike River Agency.

If successful, the re-entry will allow the agency to gather evidence which could provide clues to what caused the initial explosion in the mine.

It would also allow remains of the 29 men to be recovered and returned to loved ones.

Mr Fyfe explained that he initially approached Pike River Re-Entry Minister Andrew Little with the hope to contribute to the re-entry process.

Watch the full interview with Rob Fyfe above. 

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