Millennials are in ‘constant state of crisis’ – Mark Richardson

The AM Show 15/03/2018

The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson had a thing or two to say about millennial on Thursday morning.

"All they do is grizzle," he said, after Duncan Garner brought up new research suggesting more than half of millennials are facing a 'quarter-life crisis'.

"I'd argue that Millennials are in a constant state of crisis really.

"That's all I hear out of young people nowadays, grizzle about this, grizzle about that. Complain that this isn't fair, complaining about that.

The study found six out of ten 25-35-year-olds feel they are struggling with some element of their life. The UK bank First Direct’s research was aimed at looking at how young people used crisis as a spark for change when it inadvertently made the finding.

"How about getting off your asses and doing some work?"

Of the 2000 Brits surveyed, at least half were struggling financially and more than quarter were struggling to find a job or get on the property ladder.

Another 25 percent said they were struggling to find the right relationship.

"They just want things that make life easier and when it's not easy they're in some sort of crisis."

Watch Mark Richardon's full commentary above. 

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