Mental health campaigners applaud Govt for listening

The AM Show 01/03/2018

The Mental Health Foundation chief executive has new hope the Government will finally set a suicide reduction rate.

Shaun Robinson, Mental Health Foundation CEO, joined The AM Show to comment on the new recommendations for health services.

The Mental Health Commission, who advises the Government, released a report on Wednesday recommending a "zero tolerance of suicides in services" policy and a 10 percent overall reduction target.

Mr Robinson said it was "pretty clear" that wasn't going to happen under the former Government.

We can end deaths by suicide. There are needless deaths occurring.

"I think they were afraid they would be held accountable, that if they say we're going to reduce this by 10 percent and then they don't that people will beat them up.

"And I think that was a foolish response because really reducing the number of deaths by suicide, improving our mental health and wellbeing is something that requires total societal response.

“We can end deaths by suicide. There are needless deaths occurring.”

Watch the full interview with Shaun Robinson above. 

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