Mayor of Hamilton defends plans to rename city council

The AM Show 13/03/2018

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King defended plans to rename the city council with its Māori name in an  interview with The AM Show host Duncan Garner.

The mayor is pushing for a staff report to outline the costs of rebranding to Kirikiriroa City Council, which is the Māori name for the city.

But The AM Show host wasn’t having it. He asked Mr King why he’d "waste time and money on this".

We can multitask. We can do several things at once.

"Why don't you do your job properly rather than focus on this other window dressing?"

Mr King said the Māori name translates to "fertile strip of land… and that's exactly what our city's been built on".

"I am sympathetic to our history and our full history - not just the history for the last hundred years."

The Hamilton Mayor said it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, proposing it be “a soft changeover as the cards roll through”.

"But this is about activating the conversation, getting people talking, asking for a staff report to bring this forward,” Mr King told The AM Show.

When Garner asked how much it would cost, Mr King said he didn't know yet but he’s asked for a staff report.

“We don't know how much it is until we get the report.”

Watch the full interview with Andrew King above. 

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