Mark Richardson calls journalists sanctimonious ‘sheep’

The AM Show 06/03/2018

Mark Richardson has accused journalists of being "sanctimonious sheep" on The AM Show on Tuesday.

"Our writing journos at the moment - if you can call them journos, and that's loosely - they just seem to be sheep, wandering around on a field of sanctimony."

His co-hosts countered the controversial statement.

"You do know, don't you, that you sit in a newsroom," Garner said.

I'm not a journo and I'm not part of the media, alright.

Richardson was quick to point out he wasn't referring to Newshub.

"Newshub, fantastic... I'm not having a pop at our Newshub people," he said.

"Maybe someone differentiate yourself from the rest by writing something that's actually difficult to justify, then have a go at justifying it."

But Richardson says he's not part of the media industry.