Auckland Council backs proposal to reopen WWII tunnels

The AM Show 07/03/2018

Auckland Council is backing a proposal to reopen and renovate a vast network of tunnels lying beneath Albert Park.

Developer Bill Reid, who has been trying to get the tunnels reopened for 30 years, joined The AM Show to discuss the project.

The tunnels were built in 1942 by over 100 council workers who were too old to go to World War II.

These tunnels belong to Auckland city and the Auckland public.

In eight months they built three and a half kilometres of tunnels, with first aid rooms and toilets. They were built to house 22,000 people in the event of an air raid over the Auckland CBD.

“These tunnels belong to Auckland city and the Auckland public,” he told The AM Show.

Mr Reid wants to see tourist attractions in the tunnels including glow worms, black water rafting, cheese and wine cellars and small goods stores.

He says with the cooperation of the Council, a tunnel from Victoria St to Parnell could be open by Christmas for pedestrians and cyclists.

"The meeting yesterday was the best meeting I've been to in 30 years. 

Watch the full interview with Bill Reid above. 

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