Speed-dating for candidates aiming for National Party leader

The AM Show 15/02/2018

Judith Collins, Amy Adams and Simon Bridges have put their names in the hat to be chosen for National’s new leader.  

The three hopefuls joined The AM Show, speed-dating style, to tell the public why there are best to lead the Opposition ahead of the 2020 election.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams explained that she has a different style to that of John Key and Bill English.

The former Minister of Justice, Communications and Courts said the party needs to change if it's going to win in 2020.

Society moves and changes and parties do to.

"We're an incredibly popular party with the public and we certainly don't want to give away all of that strong support we've got in New Zealand.

“…But we want to show New Zealand that we are a party that moves and evolves with the time."

Ms Adams also stated that under her leadership, she would see the Government run a “sensible economic strategy, growing the economy, and creating jobs for everyone.”

Simon Bridges

The sixth-ranked National MP said that his leadership offers a generational shift for the National Party.

"I've got the right blend of both a new generation approach - I am younger than what we've seen before - but also a depth of experience,” the 41-year old MP said.

"They spent nine years in Opposition, they didn't do the hard yards in terms of developing the people, progressing new talent and actually getting fresh ideas,” he said. “We cannot do that. We cannot make that mistake."

The former Transport Minister feels his "views and values and ambition" will help earn him the leadership title.

"[We need] someone who can develop and be part of bringing those new ideas that make us look like an alternative Government."

Judith Collins

Judith Collins says she's the best person to lead National because she's the only contender who's been in Opposition before.

The former Minister of Police, Justice, Ethnic Affairs and Corrections said she has support from many National MPs.

Judith Collins: ‘I love a good fight’

"I'm certainly someone who will say exactly what I think, and that's the sort of thing that this party now needs."

"I've had six years in Opposition, and Leader of the Opposition is a significantly different role than being a minister. It's a very tough place, and you've got to be pretty tough to do it."

Ms Collins described Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as popular, articulate, an “extremely” good communicator.

“We need to have someone who can do that to.”

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