Phil Twyford hints at ‘massive’ urban housing project in Auckland

The AM Show 02/02/2018

AM Show host Duncan Garner says he's learned of a big site in the heart of downtown Auckland that will be used to create "hundreds" of affordable residences.

Garner says "a massive Sky Tower-type thing" will be built on the block. 

It's believed the build, once completed, will home as many people as the large-scale Hobsonville development in west Auckland.

"We give [Housing Minister] Phil Twyford a lot of stick, don't we, for not building these homes," Garner said on Friday morning.

"But there's information I know as of right now. Phil Twyford and the Government have bought this big, massive block of land in Auckland CBD and they will be putting affordable homes on there."

Mr Twyford and Opposition’s Judith Collins joined The AM Show for this week’s political panel on Labour’s 100 day deadline and the rumours that Bill English is stepping down.

Garner addressed the Housing Minister about the rumours that the Government will be announcing a new housing project shortly.

While Mr Twyford didn’t deny the upcoming announcement, he wouldn’t supply further details to the The AM Show host.

"Oh, we are buying land all the time," Mr Twyford told The AM Show. 

He confirmed that the "massive" urban housing development, with details yet to be announced, will indeed be in Auckland.

“I’ll come back to you on this,” said Mr Twyford. “But it is going to be big, believe me.”

Watch the full interview with Phil Twyford and Judith Collins above. 

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