New Bill aims to crack down on synthetic cannabis

The AM Show 21/02/2018

A Bill aiming to crack down on synthetic cannabis will be going up before Parliament on Wednesday.

National MP Simeon Brown’s Bill, dubbed the Private Members Bill, would bump the maximum prison sentence up for supplying synthetic cannabis from two to eight years.

Mr Brown joined The AM Show to discuss why he’s pushing for a crackdown on synthetics.

“The vast majority of New Zealanders want to see some action done,” he told The AM Show.

Mr Brown believes that a harsher prison sentence will not only deter suppliers from the industry, but also keep “dangerous” dealers off the streets.

“These people are causing harm and they are dangerous - and they need to be locked up,” he said. “That’s what the bill is designed to do.”

“The harm which is caused is well manifested and we need to do something about it.”

While the Private Members Bill is expected to receive support from National and New Zealand First, Mr Brown also hopes to get backed by Labour as well.

However, the Green Party has indicated that they will not support the Bill.

Watch the full interview with Simeon Brown above.

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