Judith Collins: ‘I love a good fight’

The AM Show 14/02/2018
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With Bill English stepping down as leader of the National Party, all eyes are on the potential candidates for the National throne.

Judith Collins joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Long to shed light on her recent announcement to run for National leader.

She told RadioLIVE that Bill English’s announcement to step down and leave Parliament came “completely out of the blue” for her.

Ms Collins said that the new leader must be different from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and that the leader needs to “provide an alternative”.

Jacinda has been “utterly underestimated”, said Ms Collins, both by the National Party and the Labour Party.

“I know how to win,” she said.  “And I know how to take the fight to the Government.”

Political commentators Chris Trotter and Trish Sherson joined The AM Show on Wednesday to discuss which National candidate stands out.

The two commentators were unanimous that the next leader should be Judith Collins.

"It's got to be Judith Collins. If I was in the National Party caucus she is the person I would be backing," Mr Trotter told The AM Show.

“You want a contrast in any kind of political contest.”

"For all those aficionados of Game of Thrones, it would be Daenerys Targaryen versus Cersei Lannister," he said. “A grand match.”

A grudge match to beat all grudge matches.

Ms Sherson explained that Ms Collins could more easily hound on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern than any of the male candidates.

"It would be much harder for one of the male leadership candidates to go up against Jacinda Ardern," she told The AM Show.

"Collins does have the benefit, at the moment, of being a woman – of being an older woman."

Judith Collins announces candidacy 

Listen to Judith Collins on The AM Show above. 

Judith Collins announced on Wednesday that she will be running for leader of the National Party.

"We’re going to need strong & decisive leadership if we’re going to win in 2020," Ms Collins wrote on Twitter.

"I’m that person."

Ms Collins previously told The AM Show that she would not run for the leadership position, describing it as a "really, really rotten job".

Listen to the full interview with Chris Trotter and Trish Sherson. 

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