Hold the phone: The impact of using devices at the dinner table

The AM Show 02/02/2018

Most of us scroll on social media or watch TV while eating dinner, but are we aware we're unwittingly adding inches to our waistline?

According to one psychologist, it’s especially important to consider how the habit impacts children.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin joined The AM Show to discuss the relationship between using devices while eating and how families can redirect the behaviour.

Ms Chatwin says that “distracted eating” is a precarious habit for families, especially while children so easily pick up habits from their parents.

“A family has to negotiate these processes for themselves,” she told The AM Show.

These phones are taking over the mealtime.

“You’re actually not focusing on your food – what you’re putting into your body, whether it’s nutritious or not,” she said. “You’re focusing on your device.”

The psychologist reminds parents that their actions speak volumes. Parents are advised to ditch social media, TV and devices during mealtimes to set a good example for their children. 

Watch the full interview with Sara Chatwin above. 

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