Gareth Morgan applauds Auckland Council's proposed cat cull plan

The AM Show 28/02/2018

The definition of a pest cat may be redefined to reduce the number of strays on the street.

Auckland Council is considering its pest management strategy in order protect native birds from being killed by pest cats.

The Council proposes that a pest cat be redefined to include any cats that aren’t microchipped or identifiable as being owned. Pest cats caught in an "ecologically significant site" without a microchip could be put down.

Conservation campaigner Gareth Morgan says the move "should have been done years ago".

It's fantastic that they're doing it now.

"You can have companion cats - that's not what the argument is about. It's about having those and bringing more and more of New Zealand's natural wildlife into our cities."

"We just can't do this sort of stuff if these domestic animals are not reined in and confined."

Cat Society of New Zealand president Anne Batley-Burton believes the idea is "ridiculous".

"For a start the only reason they want to microchip cats is for revenue gathering, and it's a licence for the Council to kill strays," she told RadioLIVE, when the idea was proposed last year.

"It's a complete waste of ratepayers' money as well, all these rangers and people running around looking for stray cats."

Watch the full interview with Gareth Morgan above. 

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