Former Christchurch Mayor Sir Bob Parker relives 'terror' of earthquake

The AM Show 22/02/2018

Each year on February 22, Sir Bob Parker says he remembers just how much emotion he has tucked up inside from the Christchurch earthquake which claimed 185 lives.

Sir Bob Parker spoke to The AM Show on the earthquake's seventh anniversary.

"It certainly comes back standing down here at the stunning memorial," he told The AM Show, on the quake's seventh anniversary.

"Knowing that on that wall are the names of workmates, friends, people you know, loved ones.

"You just recall the chaos and the terror and the uncertainty of that time, and it's not a nice feeling. It's a churning, upsetting feeling.

"And then you saw the beginning of what all the people in this city did at the time. The incredible bravery, and the selflessness and getting stuck in to helping each other - sometimes at a cost of themselves.

"You'd hear news about people you know. You can't believe what's happening around you. It's just like in 25 seconds we went from a normal day to being in a war zone."

Watch the full interview with Sir Bob Parker above.

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This story was first published on Newshub.