Kiwi company to trial four-day work week

The AM Show 08/02/2018

The four-day work week, a concept many employees dream about, may become a permanent reality for one New Zealand company.

Trust company Perpetual Guardian will be rolling out the new work week in March for a six-week trial.

Founder Andrew Barnes joined The AM Show to discuss why he believes the four-week work week is “the right thing to do”.

"I think in today's world it's very difficult for people to juggle both home and work in the office,” Mr Barnes said.

It's the natural solution.

Despite the shorter week, Perpetual Guardian’s 200 employees will still be expected to deliver the same workload.

"That means work smarter, work cleverer, change the systems, change the processes,” he told The AM Show.

Some single mothers have told the company that this will “change their world”, explained Mr Barnes.  

"The reaction has been very mature from the staff.

"I think they really want this."

Watch the full panel with Andrew Barnes above. 

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Parts of this article were originally published by Newshub, with additions made by RadioLIVE staff.