Alcohol Action NZ calls out Govt for ‘hazardous’ drinking culture

The AM Show 27/02/2018

Alcohol is more available than ever and more Kiwis are drinking it at hazardous levels, a report revealed.

Alcohol Action NZ spokesperson Doug Sellman joined The AM Show to discuss the results.

A report commissioned by Alcohol Healthwatch found more alcohol was available per person in the October-December quarter of 2017 than at any other time in the past five years.

It also found there had been an increase in people aged between 35 and 74 drinking hazardously, Alcohol Healthwatch executive director Dr Nicki Jackson said on Monday.

Mr Sellman pointed out that the report doesn’t reflect the full picture. Alcohol Action NZ has seen hazardous drinking levels increase over several years.

“It’s worrying that we’re not making any head roads into the heavy drinking culture in New Zealand,” he said.

The Alcohol Action NZ spokesman attributes the problem largely inaction from the Government.

"The Government hasn't acted to make changes that the Law Commission called for back in 2010. We're just fiddling around with the regulations around alcohol - we need stronger regulations."

He also said that if alcohol is viewed as a drug, then supermarket owners are “the biggest drug dealers in the country.”

Watch the full interview with Doug Sellman above. 

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