Sunday Sport: In case you missed it

Sunday Sport 25/02/2018

Scott Robertson

The Crusaders coach joins Sunday Sport to look back on last night's impressive season-opener against the Chiefs in Christchurch.

Kirk Penney

The Breakers and Tall Blacks legend and one-time NBA player on his decision to step away from the game of basketball at the end of the NBL season.

Glen Moss

The former All Whites keeper on his international retirement and the appointment of Fritz Schmid as Anthony Hudson's NZ replacement.

Ryan Fox

The Kiwi golfer on his impressive start to the year, remainig inside the top 100, and the perks of being home for part of a bumper Kiwi summer.

Andy Martin

The New Zealand Football chief executive on why Swiss unknown Fritz Schmid was the right man to take the All Blacks forward in 2018 and beyond.