Technology crucial for small businesses

Sunday Social 10/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

Why do small businesses struggle to grow?

Carolyn Luey from MYOB technology company joins Vaughn Davis to talk all things tech.

MYOB has been around for 25 years now, which Vaughn describes as “100 years in internet time”.

A technology company, MYOB strives to provide solutions across accounting and payroll.

Ms Luey says the mid-market in NZ is diverse, and holds a range of businesses.

Growth is what she stresses is really important, but technology can deliver greater productivity and solve business issues.

Now, many business applications are designed for smaller businesses to use them.

Some companies are still lead by the person that set it up, and they may need to learn to accept technology.

Ms Luey wants the government to help small businesses become mid-market businesses, and to generate more revenue from overseas.

Listen to the full audio with Carolyn Luey above.

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