Privacy Law and the Internet

Sunday Social 03/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

The internet is the ‘wild west’ of 2018.

Rick Shera, Internet and Digital Business Lawyer and Partner at Lowndes Jordan, joins Vaughn Davis to discuss privacy law and the internet.

The problem with the World Wide Web is the fact that it is worldwide.

“An internet lawyer… It’s like Suits with a hoodie!” Vaughn says.

Old concepts of law need to be adapted around new technologies.

Recently, many people have noticed they were inundated with emails by internet companies who lacked consent, then asking permission to continue emailing them.

This is following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Vaughn and Mr Shera discuss what this new law means for New Zealand.

Listen to the full audio with Rick Shera above.

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