Apps of the Week: Where's Waldo, Jurassic World

Sunday Social 03/06/2018
Credit: File.

Co-Founder of Atari and Video Game Pioneer Ted Dabney passed away this week at 81 years old.

Cate Owen joins Vaughn Davis to talk Apps of the Week, the latest and greatest in App world.

Ms Owen and Vaughn discuss nostalgic video games and gadgets.

Amazon is set to block Australians from purchasing goods in response to Australia’s plan to levy GST on imported goods.

Will the same tax change on imports take effect in New Zealand?

Also, a new 3D take on Where’s Wally, Jurassic World, Fortnite and how Pokemon Go improved Vaughn’s parenting skills.

Plus, Vaughn’s lifelong ambition of playing audio narrated by David Attenborough of hedgehogs getting intimate is fulfilled.

“That guy could narrate paint drying and I’d listen to it”, Ms Owen adds.

Listen to the full audio with Cate Owen above.

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