Apps of the Week: Klout & Youshop

Sunday Social 10/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

“Am I living my best life?”

Julian Waters joins Vaughn Davis to talk the latest apps of the week: screen time, Klout, Youshop and Unsplash.

Apple lets you limit app time in next release of iOS 
The Screen Time feature will help iPhone users monitor exactly how much time they spend on and away from their smartphones.

You can even set an alert to pop up to let you know the amount of time you’ve been on a specific app.

Klout is out
Each person could get a score from 0-100, a media score that combined your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers to give you a number. It’s officaly shutting down!

YouShop refresher… could be extra relevant soon!
Want to buy something online but it doesn’t ship to NZ? NZ Post has your back! YouShop gives you a US or European address to use when ordering, then when it arrives a warehouse in they will send it to NZ.

Also, Vaughn lets slip some trade secrets - Product Hunt & Unsplash.

Listen to the full audio with Julian Waters above.

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