Apps of the Week: Google Assistant and Magnifier

Sunday Social 13/05/2018
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A robot that can make a phone call for you, tracking your teens driving and an app to help you see better.

Peeyoosh Chandra joins Vaughn Davis for Apps of The Week.

Google will soon make calls for you and be your robot PA 
Google Assistant can now make calls on your behalf and book appointments.

This in not yet publicly available but this week’s demo shows the tech is pretty convincing.

Track teens’ driving via GPS
Parents can access their teens driving behaviour via an app.

They also get a weekly report showing the number of speeding events, how long they lasted, max speeds, average speed, and where they occur.

Australia’s GPS Gateway spokesman Jon Butler said technology is now available that involves a small box loaded with a smartphone-style GPS receiver, sim card and accelerometer.

App of the week: Magnifier

Magnifier simply enlarges whatever you’re looking at through your phone’s camera… so you can read it!

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