Apps of the Week: DreamLab and GDPR

Sunday Social 20/05/2018
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The Vodafone DreamLab app is set out to research cancer data as you sleep.

Paul Brislen joins Vaughn Davis talking apps of the week, including The Vodafone DreamLab, data protection and scam of the week.

Vodafone DreamLab may help cure cancer

The Vodafone DreamLab app is set out to research cancer data as you sleep.

When activated, the app sends data to the Garvin Institute to help aid cancer research.

“The more people sleep with the app running, the closer we can get closer to finding a cure for cancer”, says Vodafone.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)… why are all those websites emailing me now?

Europeans have launched The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard the privacy of all data for all persons within the European Union (EU).

This law is finally being enacted, Mr Brislen explains.

Can it be problematic though?

App (Scam) of the week:

ASB EasyPay is the app for transferring money, viewing balances and making payments.

Made by developers System Techno and with over 100 downloads this fully featured app only requires you to log into ASB mobile banking to unlock a world of easy online transacting.

Except it’s a fake…

Vaughn says that’s the result of lurking the “wiki wiki wild west”- a.k.a the Google play store.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Brislen above.

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