Apps of the Week: Alexa, Color Play, Oke

Sunday Social 27/05/2018
Credit: File.

Alexa is listening even more than you think.

Anna Connell joins Vaughn Davis for Apps of the Week, talking Alexa, Color Grab and a popular Instagram Influencer who doesn’t actually exist.

Following a creepy story of a phone call being received by a family in Portland, Oregon where a voice said "Unplug your Alexa devices right now" and “you're being hacked”, Ms Connell discusses why an Alexa-powered Echo device by Amazon sent recordings to the caller unpermitted.  

This Instagram account of 19-year-old fashion-world influencer from LA with 1 million followers, under the name of Miquela Sousa, is artificial intelligence.

It seems the majority are still choosing their password based on ease rather than safety. The two discuss the ten ways biometrics can end passwords forever.

Plus, a New Zealand charity called Oke and how its app can get kids in the garden!

Color Grab lets you tell your chartreuse from your taupe.

Listen to the full audio with Anna Connell above.

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