Weather app with a user-driven animation

Sunday Social 08/04/2018
Credit: Getty

FlowX is an app that turns a series of weather maps into a user-driven animation to see what the rain/clouds will do in the coming week.

Dwayne Malcolm the creator of Flowx joins Vaughn Davis on Sunday Social to talk all things weather.

Mr Malcolm started FlowX back in 2012, and it took him 4 months to get the idea into the app store.

FlowX allows you to see the next 7 days worth of weather, meaning you can swipe through and plan for your outside activities.

A lot of different people from all countries are using it, and Mr Malcolm is soon to visit some friends he has made through the app.

The app has 6,000 active users a day and is free for the first seven days when you download it.

Listen to the full audio with Dwyane Malcolm above.

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