DJ Software Serato

Sunday Social 15/04/2018
Credit: Newshub.

A company that was founded on one bit of code that solved one problem, an algorithm designed to slow down or speed up pieces of audio without changing their tone.

Young Li and Nick Mclaren from New Zealand DJ software company, Serato, join Vaughn Davis to talk about the new style of DJ.

Using just a laptop and a controller, the Serato team can DJ from just about anywhere. They move the record back and forth to create that 'scratching record' sound.

Mr Li and Mr Mclaren say the key part is knowing the music, but more importantly - knowing the crowd and what they're responding to.

They slow down or speed up each song, without changing the sound, stating sync, pitch and timing are all important when editing songs.

Listen to the full audio with Young Li & Nick Mclaren above.

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