Apps of the Week: Gmail & DNA Websites

Sunday Social 29/04/2018
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Should social media influencers claim their title on Facebook if they haven't proved who they are?

Anna Connell joins Vaughn Davis for Apps of the Week, talking the updated Gmail, what are social media influences and are DNA Websites safe?

Influence schminfluence
Facebook Asia-Pacific’s head of agency has called for social media influencers to stop using the descriptor unless they can “prove” they have actually influenced something.

Neil Stewart argued that the term “influencer” was sometimes misleading when used for people on social media who just had “some friends and followers”. He suggested “Z-list celebrities” was often a more appropriate description.

Gmail now has encrypted and self destructing emails
Confidential Mode
Tap padlock / clock option to set self destruct
Set time limit
Can’t read once time is up
Can’t forward

Ancestry websites DNA tests
Used to solve that 40 year old mass-murder case

Law enforcement used a DNA sample from one of the crime scenes and matched it to distant relatives who had used a genealogy website to find out about their family background.

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