Apps of the Week: Garden & Otter

Sunday Social 15/04/2018
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A website that recommends books, an app that helps you transcribe meetings in real time and what is your Starbucks name?

Paul Brislen joins Vaughn Davis for Apps of the Week, but first, they delve into the ridiculousness that was the Mark Zuckerburg  Facebook inquiry.

Transcription app raises privacy flags

Otter, a free transcription app lets you record and transcribe meetings in real time. The app, powered by parent company AISense, uses artificial intelligence to churn out accurate transcripts that identify speakers, suggest keywords, and allow keyword searching.

Dumb site of the week

What's my Starbucks name... you enter your real name on the website and get a 'Starbucks' name.


This website promises to “meet your next favourite book”. You can connect via Facebook, Gmail or Twitter to see which of your friends are on the platform and what they’re reading, with 65 million members worldwide. 

Be a good friend… 

The App of the week is: Garden, an app that sends you reminders when you haven’t spoken to someone for a while. Just set how often to reach out to important contacts and Garden will send you reminder notifications.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Brislen above.

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