Apps of the Week: Drones & Facebook Live

Sunday Social 08/04/2018
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Being catfished on social media, Facebook Live videos that anyone can view and a new mobile phone that has three cameras in one.

Julian Waters joins Vaughn Davis for Apps of the Week, but before they delve into the newest apps they talk the latest Drone drama.

Seven flights had their landings delayed after a drone was sighted in the Auckland Airport airspace this week. 

Vaughn's rules:

- Don’t buy a drone. Girls don’t actually think they’re cool.

- If you have a drone, remember to only fly it inside, under your duvet or in your shower cubicle.

- If you see someone about to fly a drone, call 111 and tell them someone is trying to kill airline passengers.

- Have you tried going to the gym? Girls like muscular bodies.

Huawei launches a phone with three cameras…

Why would you want three? The new Huawei P20 Pro out this week features an extra Leica camera bringing the total to three. 

A map that shows all Facebook live broadcasts in the world 

This map has been out since 2016, but allows you to zoom in and out and view any public live video. Little blue dots represent how many viewers are watching with you.

Listen to the full audio with Julian Waters above.

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