The Warehouse goes digital

Sunday Social 18/03/2018
Photo: File.

Vaughn Davis sits down with the chief information officer of The Warehouse, Timothy Kasbe, to discuss the Warehouses latest venture - going digital.

Customer demand and need is a priority of the Warehouse, so how do they know that this is what customers are after?

Mr Kasbe discusses how the digital avenue for the warehouse is an asset, especially for people that can't make the time to go to the store.

Mr Kasbe gives us the insight into Dove soap is the most popular item sold on the website, followed by baked beans.

Vaughn says;

Honestly, a tin of baked beans is about as un-hightech and un-online shopping as I can imagine

Vaughn and mr Casby look at what is sold online, who is buying it, and the advantages of having an online avenue.

Listen to the full audio with Timothy Kasbe above.

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