Let's Play Live

Sunday Social 04/03/2018

Vaughn is joined by John McRae, Managing Director of 'Let's Play Live' at SkyCity to talk E-Sports.

E-sports is competitive video gaming where teams of video gamers play online, and Sky City is soon to have its own live version.

The phenomenon has been around since the late 70's, but John explains since then graphics, and games have improved.

Not just for males, this sport attracts plenty of female players as well.

The average paycheck for an experienced player can receive up to 26 million USD.

It's a very social activity.

John explains 110 million people per month play League of Legends, and the average age of a gamer in New Zealand is 34 years old.

E-Sports even attracts an audience for people watching other people play video games... even a staggering 40,000 at some places.

Listen to the full audio with John Mcrae above.

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