Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 04/03/2018

Vaughn is joined by Paul Brislen for Apps of the Week, discussing the Matrix Phone, Vero, Artfitical Amy and a brand new Weather app.

Back in 1999, Nokia was the “world’s leading mobile phone supplier” and it used this popularity to feature it's Nokia 8110 'banana phone' in The Matrix film. 

Now HMD, makers of Nokia-branded phones, is bringing the Nokia 8110 back to life as a retro classic. 

The slightly curved handset has a slider that lets you answer and end calls, and HMD is creating traditional black and banana yellow versions.

A week ago, the app Vero was ranked so low it didn't even appear in the App Store's top 1,500 apps. But today it's the most popular app in the entire App Store. 

It's become so popular that the app's servers have been overloaded... with many users unable to post or even sign up for an account!

The social network has actually been around since 2015, but it’s suddenly experienced exponential growth in popularity.

Self-dubbed a “social sharing” network, Vero users can share all sorts of content with their friends, including Movies, TV, music, books, places, photos, and links.

However, it’s a subscription-based social network, with a 'small annual fee' to sign up. 

Also, a robot who... answers your emails?

Listen to the full audio with Paul Brislen above.

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