Apps of the Week: The REAL Sex Talk & Access Aware

Sunday Social 25/03/2018
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The REAL sex talk, an app that lets you dob in people who use handicapped spaces, and what does your Facebook have access to?

Cate Owen is back for Apps of the Week with Vaughn Davis, giving us the intel and lowdown on the newest and coolest apps.

Lizzie Marvelly gets real with sex

This is a NZ on Air 12-part web series aimed at educating teenagers about sex. It's Lizzie Marvelly's brainchild, Ali Mau is executive producer and it launched last week on Facebook, YouTube, Villainessa and The Wireless. Each episode talks about a different aspect of sex or sexuality. It features a whole bunch of celebs, a couple of doctors, and a psychologist. Check it out here.

Auditing data-hungry apps

Limit app access to your data if you don’t use an app for at least 3 months, so they can't stalk your personal profile.
How to revoke now:
- Top right down arrow on Facebook home page
- Click Settings
- Go to Apps
- Click on one to see all the info you give it access to 
- Delete the app access or tailor which information you want it to have

Dob in an abled driver in a disabled park

A new app available in Whanganui is geared to dob in able-bodied motorists who pinch a disabled space. Access Aware, developed by CCS Disability Action, is a free app available on Google Play or the Apple Store and is being rolled out across New Zealand. It was developed in an effort to revolutionise the reporting of abuse of mobility parking.

Listen to the full audio with Cate Owen above.

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